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Tis the season for Christmas parties, and that means that you’ll probably be wanting to give some thought to your holiday wardrobe. Of course, a number of parties that take place during this season have their own themes, such as the famed “ugly Christmas sweater” party. However, for more formal events, this is a time to show off your fashion
best fragrances for women at work sense and really look your best. Whether you’re having an annual holiday dinner out with friends and families or attending an office Christmas party, there will be various opportunities to show off your style. With that in mind, here are a few ideas for details and finishing touches that can set you apart at parties and formal events.


Cufflinks come in a vast range of different styles and designs, and while some can be a bit too flashy or tacky, others can help you to make a very distinguished impression. Typically, a nice set of personalized cufflinks (for example, with your initials engraved in them) gives you a very polished and professional appearance, without making too loud a statement. Of course, with specific regard to the holiday season, you could also go with Christmas themed cufflinks, so long as you keep in mind that they are a far more casual option. Another quick tip: match the colour of your cufflinks to the metal of your wedding ring and/or watch for some stylish continuity.

Contact Lenses

If you typically wear glasses but you are looking for some stylish accessories for the holiday season, you may want to consider a free trial of Acuvue contact lenses. A lot of people don’t think of contact lenses as fashion accessories, but in fact they can offer you a great deal more options for how to present yourself. To begin with, if you have contacts to help you with your vision, you have the option of going without any sort of glasses should you wish to do so. Additionally, however, when you have contacts – instead of a single pair of glasses – for your vision, you can purchase a range of different glasses with clear lenses, purely for fashion. This allows you to pick different frames for different occasions without worrying about prescription – or, again, to go without any glasses if you choose. You may be surprised at how much versatility contacts provide you with in this regard.


Your tie can be a very crucial aspect of any Christmas party, because it can help you to set a holiday theme. However, you can also easily go too far with a tie. The fact is, themed ties are, almost always, tacky. Save the ties with reindeer and Santas all over them for the ugly Christmas sweater event. Instead, look for a tie that could work with your outfit on any ordinary night, but which sets a holiday tone with its colour or colours. This can be a nice subtle touch that demonstrates your combination of fashion sense and appeal to the season.

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