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A new feature we have recently launched is our Live Chat feature. On our old site we used this purely for customer service, so problems with your order or any queries you had our operators would answer. We've now got a small team of respected fashion bloggers to answer your style questions, and you can either wait in line to chat with one of them or book an appointment.

These personal shopping services are all FREE of charge and we're not biast, we wont be recommending to "paint yourself in Brighterman Accessories," our fashion advice is tailored to your needs and we recommend clothing/accessories from every other retailer too.

“Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.” - Quentin Crisp
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Previously Asked Questions
Q. What shall I wear to hide my beer belly?
 Drawing attention away from your beer belly is the only quick fix. Focus on wearing clothing which doesn't highlight your stomach, and highlights other positive areas of your body. The only way to rid of a beer belly, is exercise and of course less beer...
Q. I'm afraid to wear more colour...
 Don't ever be afraid of wearing colour! To start with, paired coloured pieces with neutralisers, these are darker tones. For example a colourful shirt will stand out alone, but when layered with a dark grey blazer and paired with denim jeans, it doesn't stand out as much...
Q. How can I casual up a bow tie?
 Bow ties automatically add that "formal" feel, so wearing one in a casual way is all down to the styling. Wear more casual clothing, layering a sweatshirt over a shirt and bow tie combination. Finish off with casual shoes and denim jeans...

Book in with our style team today and ask any question you want. We aim to answer all querys within 12 hours, and will provide you with a copy of the conversation afterwards for future use. Our product picks are affordable and aren't biast, choosing from a variety of online resources and high street stores.


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