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"Women are into fashion, men are into style, style is forever" - Domenico Dolce, Dolce & Gabanna

Looking to enhance your personal style? The Definitive Guide To Timeless Style offers 5 key tips, focusing on ways to implement timeless style into your current look.

This 24 page book covers a variety of topics, all targetted towards the modern day man and personal enhancement. There seems to be a sign of information overload in todays market, but The Definitive Guide To Timeless Style strips everything down and focuses on ways to define your own personal style and how to keep things timeless. Timeless style isn’t a trend; so it isn’t going out of fashion next year! Timeless style is something that has been around for centuries, and will continue to stamp its mark on fashion for centuries to come. This guide is going to highlight some timeless pieces to implement into your wardrobe along with ways to wear them, explain how you can define your own personal style, advise you on how to become consistent when dressing, touch on how you can break comfort zones and feel confident along with enlightening you into some simple grooming tips plus so much more. You will learn something from this eBook whatever aim you’re trying to achieve…

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